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Make-up for yourself

Course fee is AED 3 000

Course duration is 2 days.

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You may want to learn how to apply Make-Up for work or to look your best when going out in the evening. You will learn 2 techniques chosen specially for you as well as cosmetic products will be chosen by professional make-up artist according to your skin type and tone.  Our course can assure you about one thing: correctly applying Make-Up will make you look like you – only better.

Daily and Evening make-up for yourself.

If you are asking yourself, “How do I apply make-up?”, then this is the workshop for you.
How to choose make-up products and colors, what colors suit you,
How to organize your make-up kit,
How to apply make-up correctly,
Eyebrow and lip correction,
Make-up application techniques.

Make Up Course Program

First Day - Skin care, skin preparation, Daily Make-Up - 1 lesson

Second Day- Evening Make-Up. - 1 lesson


Beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. This course is available for both individuals and groups with a maximum attendance of up to 3-4 people.

We will provide you all Make-Up products for your Practice and you can bring your own to choose the best colors and combination from your collection, after the end of the Course you will get your portfolio with your works before and after make-up.


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