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Professional Make-Up Course

Course fee is AED 18 500

Course duration is 6 weeks

Classes start from 10:30 till 2:00 pm, 4 - 5 times a week

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The ultimate course for those who want to be professional in Make-Up Industry. This course will take you from a foundation level, through to a cutting-edge level of photographic, cinema and creative make-up. Working with hand on hand train of our Head Make-Up Artist and models, our students achieve the widest range of experience and learning.

Michel Durell French Make-up Course Program

  • History of make-up.
  • Color Theory. Color correction. Composition.
  • Skin analysis, skin preparation: cleansing, toning and moisturizing. Skin care.
  • Hygiene, health and safety in make-up. Make-up products and tools.
  • Face geometry, face shape. Eyes, eyebrows and lips shapes - theory.
  • Face geometry, face shape. Eyes, eyebrows and lips shapes - practice - 1 lesson
  • Face sculpting (practice), eye shapes, eye brow shapes. Principles of eye make up
  • Simple vertical fashion make-up - 2 lessons
  • European Make-Up. Schemes & techniques of application (Wing shape) - 3 lessons
  • European Schemes & techniques of application (Flower petal shape) - 3 lessons
  • Classic vertical make-up (3 colors) - 2 lessons
  • Smoky Eyes Make Up. Different styles & techniques of application - 3 lessons
  • Cut Crease eye make-up. Principles of application - 3 lessons.
  • Arabic Make Up. Different styles & techniques of application - 4 lessons
  • Asian (Indian, Pakistani) - 2 lessons
  • Retro Make Up
  • Final Exam

We will provide you models and all Make-Up products for your Practice, after the end of the Course you will get your portfolio with your model before and after make-up.

After final exam you will get International French Diploma Make-Up Atelier and International Certificate from Make-Up Atelier School in Dubai.

For booking you need make an advance payment - 50% from total amount ( AED 9000) When you made the payment, send us a copy of the bank slip or receipt.


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