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Special Effect Make-Up Course (Upgrade qualification course)

Course fee is AED 6 000

Duration of the course is 6 sessions.

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The ultimate course for Make-up Artists and the beginners. Working with a special materials in pairs with models, students achieve the widest range of experience available. You will be able to create cuts, bullet wounds, bruises, scars and all sorts of burns or even create your own zombie and frozen look!

Make Up Course Program:

  • Application and sculpture live plastic waxes and silicone pastes
  • Cuts, bullet impact, bruise, various distortions. (Body) – 1 lessons.
  • Use of sculpture gel. Cuts, bruise, bites, torn skin effect. (Face) – 1 lessons.
  • Aging Make-Up. Proper aging of the face with shadows. – 1 lessons.
  • Aging Make-Up. Use of latex. – 1 lessons.
  • Frozen Make-Up – 1 lessons
  • Final Exam

We will provide you models and all Make-Up products for your Practice, after the end of the Course you will get your portfolio with your model before and after make-up.

After final exam you will get International Certificate from Make-Up Atelier School in Dubai.


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