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Zeena Feygina

Zeena Feygina

Owner, Creative Director, Head Trainer

Zeena has always had a passion for beauty and art. From the beginning of her career, she fell in love with Make-Up Atelier Paris cosmetics brand, the only brand that offers great variety of makeup products, providing professional makeup artists with unlimited opportunities for creativity. During her career as makeup artist and trainer, she received multiple awards such as Winner of National Championship in Make Up and Body Art.

Zeena believes in continuous education as base for success, this is why in 2006 in Samara, Russia she opened a school of makeup “Golden Age” to provide the best makeup education for all those wishing to join beauty industry or enhance their existing experience. Her professional degree in Education definitely helped her to create a unique set of training programs.

Zeena moved to the UAE in 2010, where she discovered the need for a fundamental school of makeup. As the result, in 2013 Make-Up Atelier Paris Training Center was formed and opened.

Zeena: “I’m inspired by challenge of creating a perfect look… It’s important for make up to bring out inner beauty of a person, to compliment all the best in her, without evoking any contradictions…
Creating make up look is always a challenge, and main point here is to keep spirit of innovation. My goal is to make person feel self-confident because of changes in the way they look.

I wish all artists to keep being inspired and keep developing themselves, and we’ll do our best to help you!”

Dono Ali Mohammed

Dono Ali Mohammed

Hair Stylist and Trainer

Dono is an experienced professional hair stylist and trainer with over 10 years of experience.She has earned respect of her peers and public for her creativity, customer satisfaction, tireless devotion and work ethic. All one needs is to glance through her work to see the heart and soul of a gifted artist.

Dono's thoughts:

“My work is my self-expression – I’m striving to inspire, encourage and bring out the true beauty of the people I’m working with. I’ve lived throughout the world and am bringing the experiences and influences from many cultures and styles to my work."



Make-up Trainer

She is not just a makeup artist, but a stylist, a coach for life. She has been in the industry since more than 10 years. Make-Up Atelier Paris school in Ukraine graduate. Started her career with a simple wish to take care of herself and the people around her. Went through the real life out of the school being a free lancer and worker at the same time. She's got a great opportunity to share her wide experience working with Europeans as well as people from middle east and all over the world. 

‘’easy to learn, easy to give’’ that is all about me when I am teaching - she says



Office Mnager

Myrell gives a helping hand, making people feel special and assisting them. Her goal is to deliver kind and passionate service to students and clients towards to their satisfaction.

She enjoyed providing knowledge to people about the services we offered. Self-motivated in new things which can add her skills.

"It's a pleasure for me to work with professionals.

My job gives me more knowledge and I'm very glad assisting people towards their passion.

The happiness they felt after finishing courses, it's simply amazing."



Office Administrator

Irina is helping people in a thousand different issues.

"To work in beauty industry is to see the beauty for every day. Many ladies from different countries visit our Training Center to make their dream true. To see increasable transformations, to be the part of team involved in process of beauty creation is a great part of my job. Appreciated Make-up Atelier Paris in Dubai for this opportunity." 

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