Terms & Condition

1. A 50% deposit is required when making a booking for a course to confirm your seat.
2. Deposits are non-refundable if a student cancels their booking for whatever reason (For example: PERSONAL PROBLEMS, ILLNESS, CHANGE OF MIND, RELOCATION, PREGNANCY, ILLNESS OR DEATH IN THE FAMILY, CHANGE IN PERSONAL CIRCUMSTANCES, FAILURE TO OBTAIN A LOAN/VISA ETC.) less than 30 days (1 month) prior to the start date of the course and no approval for change of course date will be granted, unless the course is cancelled by the Training Center.
3. The full course fee should be paid to the Training Center no later than the starting date of the course. Failure to pay the balance by the due date will result in the deposit being lost and no entitlement to continue on the course or change to a new date will be granted.
4. For change of course date, the full course fee must be paid and at least 21 days’ written notice must be given to Make-Up Atelier Beauty Salon & Training Center (courses are subject to availability). The applicant can make only one change of date.
5.  A student is accepted on subject to the conditions that the student will attend on the date (the start date) and at the time specified in the confirmation letter which will be sent to the student upon receipt of the completed application form together with the correct deposit.
6. Students will not be accepted on the starting date unless full payment of fees has been made.
7. Students making payments of course fees through overseas banks must ensure that proof of payment from their bank accompanies their application form. The remitting bank must quote the full name of the attending student on the details of payment.
8. All fees must be received by the Training Center without deduction; therefore all bank charges must be paid by the applicant.
9. Fees are not refundable if course completed.
10. Fees are not refundable if the course is interrupted or cancelled through an act of God, environmental disasters or terrorist act.

Applicants with disabilities/illnesses
Applicants with disabilities or medical needs must clarify their condition to the Training Center prior to booking, in order to receive a confirmation from our education team on whether or not they can proceed with a booking.
 Punctuality and Attendance
• Students must have a minimum of 80% attendance for your course/workshop in order to receive their qualification.
• Time off for official religious holidays, booked holidays, weddings, medical appointments etc. must be discussed and agreed before application. We recommend that all absence be avoided where possible.
• It is very important that students maintain good time keeping and attendance.
• Classes will commence promptly at the published times irrespective of whether all students are present. Classes will not be delayed to wait for latecomers, and teachers are not responsible for repeating work missed. Latecomers may be requested to wait until a suitable break in teaching before entering a class. Class hours can be varied at the discretion of the Training Center’s Director without prior notice.
• Paying for and/or attending a course fully does not guarantee a qualification, diploma or certificate of achievement. Awards of achievement are gained by the successful fulfillment of the criteria set out by the awarding body.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you have received sufficient information and advice on the course that matches your needs. This can be done by communicating with our Educational Team (by telephone, letter or email) or by having an ‘interview’ with us.
Due to the possibility of copyright infringement, the use of video cameras and audio recording is not permitted during theory and demonstration hours.
If any student behaves improperly on the Training Center premises including any form of bad verbal language, cheating during an assessment/exam, damages, takes or removes any equipment belonging to the Training Center will be asked to leave immediately.
Make-Up Atelier Beauty Salon & Training Center may assign its rights and duties under these Terms and Conditions to any party at any time without notice to Customers.

Make-Up Atelier Cosmetics
Make-Up Atelier is using its on cosmetics for Make-Up Application, all cosmetic products are Halal, We are not responsible for Allergenic Reactions

All Photos taken in Make-Up Atelier is under name of Make-Up Atelier and can be used in terms of school, indoor and outdoor, if disagree mention kindly mention before signing the registration form.
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