Queen of USSR-2019, Finals

Queen of USSR-2019, Finals

Queen of USSR Finals,  2019. The event we were all waiting for was finally here last Saturday: USSR Finals 2019 which took place at the Cavalli Club, Dubai.

We stepped into a very busy night club last Saturday evening. From television hosts, photographers , videographers and production team getting things done. Our talented and beautiful contestants were up and about doing their rehearsals one last time before the big event.

Our contestants wowed the crowds with their performances with the highlight being the swings. Host Olga Pishchykova including all the other contesntants wore stunning Baravia Fashion dresses.

Our judges were all set to give out their scores based on each performance. The night ended with Miss Belarus’s TKO who proudly took the USSR crown home .

Hope you enjoyed our quick blog on the USSR 2019 Finals. What a stunning event indeed. Stay tuned for our weekly blogs! ?

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